Smarter Borders 2015

03 - 04 March, 2015

Millennium Mayfair Hotel, London, UK


Confirmed delegations from:


Smarter Borders 2015 Speakers & Advisory Board

Rob Rozenburg
 Rob Rozenburg 
Head of Unit - Information Systems for Borders and Security, DG Home Affairs 
European Commission
Csaba László-Gulyás
 Csaba László-Gulyás 
Information Management Officer 
David Hanson
 David Hanson 
Shadow Immigration Minister 
House of Commons
Keith Vaz
 Keith Vaz 
Chairman of the Home Affairs Committee 
House of Commons
Keith Vaz was first elected in June 1987 and has been re-elected as a Member of Parliament 6 times. He was Britain’s Minister for Europe under Tony Blair. He now serves as the Chairman of the influential Home Affairs Committee, a Parliamentary committee that scrutinises the work of the Home Office. The portfolio of the committee includes policing, counter terrorism, immigration and the justice and home affairs agenda of the European Union. Keith has recently turned his scrutiny to the failure of the UK e-borders programme.
 Krum Garkov 
Executive Director 
Krum Garkov is for the operational management of the large-scale IT systems in the area of freedom, security and justice at the European Agency eu-LISA. eu-LISA plays a pivotal role in assessing the ‘Smart Borders’ systems during the 2015 pilot and possibly developing the new Entry-Exit System (EES) and Registered Traveller Programme (RTP). The Smart Borders systems will provide a toolbox for national authorities in Europe to increase border security while facilitating quicker transit for pre-vetted travellers. Krum is in a unique position to offer perspectives on general developments going forward.
Peter Mostert
 Peter Mostert 
Deputy CIO 
Immigration and Naturalisation Service
The IND initiated a revolutionary change program, becoming the first Dutch organization to completely overhaul its primary process and organization model. The success of this systems overhaul makes the IND an award-winning public service champion and a frontrunner in customer orientation and employee empowerment. Before becoming Deputy CIO of the IND Peter was in charge of development within the change program. You can join the active workshop he and Jorke van der Pol will be leading where the system overhaul and lessons learnt will be discussed.
Jorke Van Der Pol
 Jorke Van Der Pol 
Senior Advisor 
Immigration and Naturalisation Service
Jorke is responsible for the support of the CIO and Board of Directors of the IND regarding strategic and policy issues within the IT-field. The IND initiated a revolutionary change program, becoming the first Dutch organization to completely overhaul its primary process and organization model. The success of this systems overhaul makes the IND an award-winning public service champion and a frontrunner in customer orientation and employee empowerment. Before joining the CIO Office Jorke was an active member in the change program. You can join the active workshop he and Peter Mostert will be leading where the system overhaul and lessons learnt will be discussed.
Rob Post
 Rob Post 
Senior Advisor 
Ministry of Security and Justice
Rob Post  is responsible for building and managing The Netherlands’ Advance Passenger Information (API) Centre, alongside Capt. Willem Mudde. The API Centre is now operational and will expand to its full capacity in the coming year. Rob and Willem are now working on the next phase; combining various automated processes into a Targeting Centre Borders (TCB) for land, sea and air borders, the developments on which they will be sharing on Day 1. The TCB will collect and prepare data on travellers to improve the quality of the day to day border controls and will be the tool allowing action on the safety and security issues where they are most urgent.  Prior to this, Rob worked for the Immigration & Visa Section of the Canadian Embassy in the Nether¬lands from 1978 until 1998, and appointed the Assistant Immigration Control Officer (AICO) in 1992. This experience and his current task developing a new vision on border control issues in The Netherlands will be culminated into a fascinating case study.
Capt. Willem Mudde
 Capt. Willem Mudde 
Manager, Targeting Centre Borders National Tactical Command
Royal Marechausse
Julien Coudray
 Julien Coudray 
Head of the API-PNR Project 
French Customs
Julien is currently spearheading the implementation of the French API-PNR project aiming to streamline and standardize data capture and exchange, subsequently facilitating a more intelligent border management. Prior to this, Julien spent 15 years as a custom officer in various departments of the French Customs General Directorate, before being appointed as the Deputy Director of Picardie's regional directorate and then the Deputy Director of the fight against fraud. Julien will be offering an exceptional input into the case study revolution on streamlining data alongside IATA as an API-PNR and customs expert.

Matti Heinonen
 Matti Heinonen 
Head of Section, International Cooperation 
Finnish Immigration Service
Matti Heinonen is the Head of Section of the International cooperation at the Finnish Immigration Service (MIGRI). Previously he acted as the Head of the Dublin Section and the Deputy Head of the Asylum Unit of the MIGRI (budget 2013 € 80 million). He is also a lecturer and expert on migration management, mixed migration flows, refugee law, human smuggling and trafficking, voluntary and forced returns in several administrations, universities and international organisations in more than 20 different countries around the world. Matti will be joining the Border Security Outlook 2025 panel at the end of Day 2 to share his expert perspective of future global immigration flows.
Francesca Maria Di Massimo
 Francesca Maria Di Massimo 
ICT official Central Directorate of Immigration and Border Police 
Ministry of Interior
Kenneth Sava
 Kenneth Sava 
Director, Trusted Traveler Programme 
U.S. Customs and Border Protection
Arun Vemury
 Arun Vemury 
Programme Manager HSARPA/Human Factors and Behaviour Sciences
DHS Science and Technology Directorate
Matt Roseingrave
 Matt Roseingrave 
Customs Counselor 
New Zealand Embassy to the EU & NATO
Matt Roseingrave is working with New Zealand’s ABC system which processes 66000 passenger a week through the 22 gates. Unlike other countries, this is a universal system and backed up by an integrated intelligence and targeting approach that allows for the single application of multiple agency interest. During his career to date Matt has led the New Zealand Customs Service Intelligence and Investigations programs and recently has had responsibility for the strategic planning and reporting activities. Matt has significant international experience firstly as the Counsellor, Customs at the New Zealand Embassy in Beijing and latterly in his role as the Counsellor at the New Zealand Embassy to Belgium, Bulgaria, Luxembourg, Romania, Sweden and Mission to the EU & NATO. These roles cover all aspects of border management including enforcement, intelligence & risk management and trade for North Asia and Europe.
Burce Ari
 Burce Ari 
Sector Manager 
European Union Delegation to Turkey
Burçe ARI has been working for the European Union Delegation since 2005 in the domain of Justice, Freedom and Security. Her portfolio covered migration, asylum, anti-trafficking in human beings, visa policy, border management and customs enforcement. In the last five years her work is focused on Turkey's alignment with the border management standards of the European Union. She is reporting on policy level developments and managing the border management related projects in Turkey co-financed by the European Union, amounting to some 100 million Euros. She will speak about the border management in Turkey with a critical perspective reflecting the level of preparedness of Turkey in the EU accession process.
John Tamerus
 John Tamerus 
Head of International Affairs Unit 
Dutch National Police
 John Tamerus is currently working closely on mitigating cyber threat, and applying his Dutch national and international perspective to the analysis of trends in future security threat. He is key in a number of capacity building projects on the maritime and aviation borders of South America, as well as in combating serious and organized crime and terrorism in this continent where security strategy needs to be watertight.
Michel Oz
 Michel Oz 
Head of International Division 
Dutch National Police
Michel Oz is responsible for strengthening the ability of law enforcement agencies globally to combat serious and organised crime. He is involved with Interpol’s ‘I-Check It’ (connecting passenger and law enforcement information) and AIRCOP (law enforcement capacity building project  in South American and West African airports alongside the UNODC). He has also turned his expertise to building the capacity of law enforcement agencies at South American harbors with Ameripol the South American Europol. Michel is an expert at law enforcement capacity building on a continent where organised and serious crime is most rife, and will be sharing his unique understanding of the divergent strategies required at maritime and aviation borders.
Simon Excell
 Simon Excell 
Immigration Advisor 
Border Control & Enforcement
Simon has served as an officer within the UK Immigration Service for over 30 years, rising through the ranks from Immigration Officer at London Heathrow Airport. Notable successes to date have included the creation of an intelligence-led approach to operations, through disciplined Tasking & Co-ordination Group (TCG) engagements, creation of an expert forgery detection capability through specialist training & equipment, and the professionalisation of operational deployment techniques through the provision of high quality work-wear, equipment, vehicles and training. Border integrity issues have grown over the years, but with limited and meager resources, an issue widely faced by European government agencies and private companies, how can you build the capability of border and immigration enforcement? Simon Excell has faced and overcome such issues in the Turks & Caicos Islands, and will be sharing his tips and strategies.
Annet Steenbergen
 Annet Steenbergen 
Pre-Clearance Coordinator 
Government of Aruba
Annet Steenbergen is the coordinator of the Preclearance and Happy Flow projects for the Governement of Aruba. With the Happy Flow project Aruba will innovate the flow of passenger handling by creating a seamless flow fom curb to gate through the reuse of biometrics and advanced cooperation between the public and the private sector. The Happy Flow project will also provide an important basis for establishing a worldwide first preclearance for travelling to Europe when departing from Aruba. Annet has more than 20 years experience working in the field of immigration and in particular border control and border management.  Before living and working in Aruba, she has always had a strong focus on the international relations of border control in her work. Previously she also worked on immigration matters in the Netherlands, Suriname and South Africa.
 Richard Camman 
Consultant, "Happy Flow" Project 
Government of Aruba
Andy Smith
 Andy Smith 
Uk Account Director 
Andy Smith is an Account Director at SITA, where he is responsible for recovering, developing and maintaining existing relationships and new business with key accounts within the Northern European market. For the past three years, Andy has represented SITA’s Government & Security Solutions business in the UK where he has promoted the effective use of passenger pre-clearance, risk assessment, border management and biometric solutions.
Andy joined SITA in 2007 and has delivered IT and telecommunications solutions to the air transport sector for 13 years. Andy holds a Bachelor of Science degree from DeMontfort University (Leicester, UK) in Physics with Management Science. He is based in London.

John Vine
 John Vine 
Former Independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration
Todd Frew
 Todd Frew 
Former First Assistant Secretary 
Department of Immigration and Citizenship
 Jennifer McDonald 
Passport, Immigration and Citizenship Agency (PICA)
Andres Hirschfeld
 Andres Hirschfeld 
Director, Facilitation and Cargo Security 
United Airlines, Inc.
Andres Hirschfeld has been the Director of Facilitation and Cargo Security at United Airlines since March 2011. This position oversees three components of the airline’s Corporate Security department: border control operation and mandates around the world, compliance with global cargo security requirements, and all aspects of airline security in the Caribbean, Mexico, Central America, and South America.

Mr. Hirschfeld is the Chair of the Passenger Facilitation Council at Airlines for America (A4A), a co-chair of U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s User Fee Advisory Committee (UFAC), and is a member of various facilitation and cargo security working groups at A4A and the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

As an almost 18-year veteran of the airline industry, Mr. Hirschfeld previously held the position of Director of Facilitation at Continental Airlines, and served in other management roles involving training development and airport operations.

Mr. Hirschfeld earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Purdue University, is fluent in Spanish, and splits his residence between Chicago, IL and Houston, TX.
Paul Mewett
 Paul Mewett 
Director, Innovative Travel Solutions 
Vancouver Airport Authority
As Director of Innovative Travel Solutions for the Vancouver Airport Authority, Paul works extensively with numerous stakeholders including all levels of Government, where his efforts are aimed at gaining approval to simplify passenger processes.
Most recently, Paul has been focused on an Automated Border Solution that requires no pre-registration. This customized solution is now in operation throughout North America in partnership with both the Canadian and U.S. Government and has been referred to as an industry “game changer”.
Christian Leininger
 Christian Leininger 
VP Security & Safety 
Berlin Brandenburg Airports
Chris is the VP of security of Berlin Brandenberg Airports, which process ~ 27 million passengers a year, and is primarily responsible for the Aviation Security Department and Corporate Security Department. Prior to this, he worked with major European airline Lufthansa as Head of Aviation Security Politics and external governmental relations. Chris is currently evaluating the application of pre-clearance for Berlin Brandenbergen airports in the context of balancing and maintaining security with passenger facilitation.
Erick Bourai
 Erick Bourai 
Vice Chairman Aviation Security Committee 
Marina Ripa-Braescu
 Marina Ripa-Braescu 
Manager Facilitation 
Swiss International Airlines
Marina has held the position of Manager of Facilitation for over 12 years for Swiss airlines, and is involved in discussions on the EU PNR proposal. Despite the PNR system already operating in several EU countries, those returning to Europe are still able to take advantage of the Schengen no-borders area with little possibility of detection, hence the proposal for a Europe-wide PNR system. Being an expert in passenger facilitation and airline security, Marina is well placed to discuss whether an EU-PNR system is operationally viable, as well as the complexity of putting such legislative proposals into practice.
Paul Brown
 Paul Brown 
General Manager Operations 
Dover Harbour Board
Paul is currently at the helm of the operations division for the Port of Dover, working as the Harbour Master, the Port Security Officer and a voting member of the Port’s Executive Management Group. He is responsible for all matters of security at the port, ensuring passengers are processed at an average of 8 seconds/car and the implementation of UK security legislation. Paul is currently dealing with the strategy to implement a UK entry/exit system, liaising with the government on a daily basis, and has a close working relationship with Calais over the current illegal immigration issues. He furthermore has a particularly forward looking perspective on maritime security, initiating strategy usually see on aviation borders, such as the Ports “booking in” system for ferries which has boosted punctuality.
 Michael Feehan 
Chief Security Officer 
Dublin Airport Authority
Gareth Williams
 Gareth Williams 
Director of Regulatory Affairs 
Gareth joined Eurostar in June 2011 from the Department for Transport (DfT), bringing with him 20 years' experience in UK Government and an in-depth knowledge of the rail industry. Gareth leads on the development and appraisal of Eurostar’s strategic choices and new business proposals, as well as all regulatory matters, working alongside other business functions to advise on issues affecting Eurostar where government legislation or industry regulation is involved. In addition, Gareth heads up the Legal and Strategy teams and serves the Eurostar Board as Company Secretary.
Francis Morgan
 Francis Morgan 
Security Director 
Heathrow Airport
Mike D'Silva
 Mike D'Silva 
Terminal Manager 
London City Airport
Mike is responsible for managing security and complying with regulation, working with Control Authorities (including Metropolitan Police, Customs, Immigration) and Business Partners, the setting and delivery of Budgets and the project management involved in the delivery of infrastructure projects. He has to maintain the security and flow of the 3 million passengers who travel through the airport every year. Mike has recently developed, lead and implemented the project to introduce biometric e-gates to London City Airport, and will be sharing his expert experience and knowledge on Day 2.
Serge Rinkel
 Serge Rinkel 
Director Porgamme and Services 
Serge Rinkel is a Customs, Police and Security globetrotter who has worked for many law enforcement agencies in over 30 countries. In 1997 he was selected as a World Customs Organisation expert and during 10 years has been engaged to set up port anti-narcotics units in the framework of the WCO-United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime Seaports Project in Eastern and Southern Africa. Over time he became a pan African analyst on cross-border crime including work for the U.N. Security Council Sanctions Committee in the Democratic Republic of Congo conflict zone. Serge Rinkel is still in charge of external missions for several agencies, government services or in the framework of the European Commission in West and Central Africa and in the Caribbean. Now appointed as Borderpol's Director of programs and services, Serge has been adviser to the President of Nigeria on border security, and is about to embark on a a trip to meet and discuss border security with DG's in Mali, Niger, Cote D'Ivoire and India. Serge will share the lessons he has learnt from the shared challenges and opportunities faced by this international community.
Marie-Caroline Laurent
 Marie-Caroline Laurent 
Security and Travel Facilitation Assistant Director 
Marie-Caroline is responsible for the development and implementation of IATA security and facilitation strategy in Europe. She is currently leading the IATA initiative to implement internationally agreed standards for the transfer of passenger data and working closely on the API-PNR toolkit. Marie-Caroline will be sharing her expertise and leadership in the world of passenger data alongside Julien Coudray from French Customs.
Tony Smith CBE
 Tony Smith CBE 
Managing Director Fortinus
Former DG Border Force
Tony retired as Director General of the UK Border Force in March 2013, after completing over 40 years’ service in the UK Home Office. Tony has the unique distinction of having served as Head of Borders in 2 different countries – Citizenship and Immigration Canada (2000 – 2003) and the UK Immigration Service (2005 – 2007). He played a significant role in the operational response to the terrorist attacks in North America on 9/11 and in the UK on 7/7. Tony was awarded the prestigious title of Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) in the UK New Year’s Honours List 2013, for his services to the safety and security of the London 2012 Olympics. Upon his retirement, Prime Minister David Cameron said “I have no doubt that all you have achieved will serve as a fitting legacy to your long and distinguished career.” Home Secretary Theresa May said “Your commitment to our border security has been exemplary and your knowledge and experience have not only been invaluable to Border Force but have been recognised around the world.”
Matthew Finn
 Matthew Finn 
Managing Director 
Matthew Finn works internationally with senior leaders from government and industry to inspire new thinking, drive change and transform operations in security. He advises Chief Executives and the leadership teams of many of the industry's highest profile security companies and regularly briefs ministers and politicians on government policy surrounding homeland security.

Building on a career spanning 20+ years in both the public and private sector, Matthew created AUGMENTIQ — an independent consultancy practice focusing on homeland, border and transportation security. He is a regular speaker and thought leader on the international stage, advocating the need for greater leadership in security and shaping the debate on identity management and the role of data and intelligence to improve security outcomes.

Christian Blumhoff
 Christian Blumhoff 
Senior Director of the CoE for Analytics 
Christian is a 25 year veteran of information architecture, supporting some of the largest information environments in the world. Christian has worked with countries across the world including Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom and Germany to solve and optimise citizen information processes. Christian worked also directly with Secret Service organisations as well as tax and revenue management bodies establishing effective and efficient citizen identity resolution capabilities across multiple lines of responsibility including architecting and deploying a 1 Billion citizen architecture? Christian will use his and SAP’s considerable experience to discuss what it takes to deliver a state of the art European border control systems capability for the future on a budget, and what key innovations in IT can be brought to bear.
Ian Neill
 Ian Neill 
Managing Director 
Agile Security Partners
Ian Neill has held a variety of senior roles in the United Kingdom Border Force, including leading two terminals at Heathrow as well as holding a variety of posts in the criminal and enforcement arena and spearheading the development of the worldwide Airline Liaison Officer network. Until recently, Ian was Acting Director for the United Kingdom’s Border Systems Programme. During his time with the Programme, Ian had responsibility for operational projects, including the highly successful project Semaphore – the de-risking pilot for the eventual e-Borders system and IRIS (Iris Recognition Immigration System) providing pre-registered travellers with expedited clearance through the UK border via biometric technology. He has continued this work into the roll out of the next generation of ePassport gates.  He has also led for the UK on the development of new data messaging formats, PNRGOV, with Canada, Australia and the USA.
Alex Van Duuren
 Alex Van Duuren 
Independent ABC Advisor & owner 
AVD Solutions
Alex enjoyed a long career at the Expertise Centre for Identity Fraud & Documents (ECID) for the Royal Marechaussee, where he advised and researched the optimisation of ABC gates. He also evaluated new technology in this space, including the use and implementation of biometrics into automated border control systems. Alex is an expert on ABC gates and document fraud, rising through the ranks to become Policy Advisor of the Expertise Centre. Alex founded AVDSolutions in 2011 and has been consulting on identity management, biometrics and document fraud ever since, which has also involved him creating Document Examination Equipment. He remains highly engaged in the border security space, including working as an Automated Border Control expert for Frontex.
Isabelle Moeller
 Isabelle Moeller 
Chief Executive 
The Biometrics Institute
Isabelle is a biometric expert instrumental in the growing network of The Biometrics Institute. She has played a key role in the establishment of independent and impartial international Biometrics Institute in particular through bringing together biometric experts from around the world. Isabelle has also managed many government funded projects successfully including the Biometrics Vulnerability Assessment Project, which was co-funded by the Australian Department of Prime Minister & Cabinet and the Biometrics Institute Privacy Code. She will be leading our Biometric focused workshop on Day 1.
 Arabelle Bernecker 
Project Manager 
Tony Chapman
 Tony Chapman 
Senior Director, Strategic Programmes 
Rockwell Collins
Tony Chapman has worked in the Aviation IT Industry for over 28 years and joined ARINC, in February 2003 as the Airports Systems Product Manager within the EMEA region.

After holding the positions of Engineering Director, Director of Product Development, Senior Director of Integrated Travel Solutions, he is now Senior Director, Strategic Programmes for Global Airports.

He started his aviation career with Pan Am as a financial systems developer and then moved to technical systems support, transitioning to United Airlines as Senior Technical Support Analyst and later the EMEA Regional Manager responsible for all IT related systems.

Tony has a degree in Mechanical Engineering and is a Chartered Engineer and a member of the British Computer Society.

 Amira Fathalla 
Training and Capacity Building Coordinator 
 Helen Tung 
Barrister, Maritime Security and International Law, Director 
Tung Legal Consultancy, UK
Helen Tung is a Barrister and Director at Tung Legal Consultancy advising clients in areas of maritime security and international law.

Helen Tung worked in Chambers and also in legal departments with law firms and in-house. She also undertook international law research at the British Institute of Comparative and International law and the Hague Academy. Helen Tung has been working in the legal industry for 10 years.

Helen Tung received her LLB in European, Comparative and International law with the University of Sheffield and Tilburg University. She completed her Bar at the University of Law and has diplomas in Environmental law and in Peacekeeping Operations with the United Nations Institute of Training and Research (UNITAR). Helen is also conducting research on the topic of regulation of Private Maritime Security Companies as part of her PhD.
Mina Al-Lami is a Media Analyst at BBC Monitoring specializing in jihadist media and communications. Prior to joining the BBC in 2013 she was a Senior Visiting Fellow at the London School of Economics where her research focused on the subject of online radicalisation. She also has expertise in jihadist ideology and narratives.

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